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Websites that are basically a blog or journal. They can be self hosted using software such as wordpress or hosted on free websites like livejournal.


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Where all the blend, graphics, writing challenge and contest sites go. These site are where visitors compete for victory.


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Website that are groups or clubs that support or like something. May include joining.


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These website showcase all of someone's domains in one place. Or all of someone's fanlistings.


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Websites like this one. They list other peoples website.


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Domains that are purchased such as com, net, org, or info. subdomains and redirects fit here.


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A site that is normally either approved by or that allow anyone become a fan of things they like.


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This are sites that follow a fandom, tv show, movie, celebrity, or etc. Basically any site that follows something you can be a fan of.


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Forums and messages boards, either self hosted like php bb or invision power boards or free like jcink and proboards. Where people come to talk about a subject with others.


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A site where the owner either makes free or paid for graphics, like layouts, resources, and icons.


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Where all the tweets & reblogs go!


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Where all the "other" sites go. If you website does fit in the other categories then it goes here.


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Where the owner shares personal information and photos about them self, this site may also fit in other categories as well, but are more personal then most.


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Websites that showcase a persons talents, art, graphics, writing, photography, or etc. Place like DeviantART go here.


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Role-playing games and trading card websites.


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Websites that sell items, like clothes, jewelry, or art. They can be either self hosted or on a website like Etsy. Webstores for graphics may go here if they are only that.


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Websites about writing either teaching or collections of their own or others. May include lyrics, poems, short stories, drabbles, or fanfictions.

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Curator of Cute

Posted in on 10-15-14

This blog, Curator of Cute, is maintained by one Professor Mittens (the site’s curator) and one 20-something year old girl, both of whom love anything that is cute. From artwork to...

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